16 Old Pictures From Famous Persian women

The position of woman in ancient Persia was apparently in nowise inferior to her standing in the Vedic times of early India. As among other oriental nations, however, submission to her lord and master is taken for granted, and the woman who is 'obedient to her husband' comes in for a special meed of praise in the Avesta and elsewhere; but it is perfectly evident, as a rule, there was not that subjection which results in loss of personality and individuality."
The Pahlavi Shahs were the rulers of Iran between 1925 and 1979 and they introduced many reforms concerning women's rights. An example of an early reform introduced by Reza Shah was the 'forced unveiling of women by a special decree on January 8, 1936 which, as the name suggests, involved the police force pulling the hijab away even from religious women, by force.'

1- Gohar Kheir Andish-Persian actress 

2-Soraya Esfandiari in a meeting with the Beatles group-1343

3- Googoosh-singer & actress

4- Soraya Ghasemi with her mother , Naderh Kheirabadi

5- Shahnaz Palavi 

6- Atefi ,announcer

7- Pooran and Marzieh 

8- Nazi and Poori Banai

9- Aghasi with Froozan

10- Soosan Taslimi

11- Women's National Assembly 57

12- Googoosh

13- Fooroogh Farokhzad

14- Farah Diba

15- Sepideh with Elizabeth Tylor

16- Mahasti with Aghasi

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