21 Historical Picture From Veresk Bridge, Tehran University, Chaloos Road and Azadi Square Under Construction

The University of Tehran is Iran's oldest modern university. Based on its historical, socio-cultural and political pedigree, as well as its research and teaching profile, UT has been nicknamed "The mother university of Iran and it is the symbol of higher education in Iran. It is almost always ranked as the best university in Iran in national and international rankings. It is also the premier knowledge producing institute among all OIC countries. The university offers 111 bachelor's degree programs, 177 master's degree programs, and 156 Ph.D. programs.Many of the departments were absorbed into the University of Tehran from the Dar al-Funun established in 1851 and the Tehran School of Political Sciences established in 1899.

1-Veresk bridge

2. Tehran University

3-Azadi (Shahyad) Square

4- Chaloos road

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