Top 10 country About Highest Average Salary

9. South Korea – $31,051 per year
South Korea is the highest country from Asia in the list. It had one of the fastest growing economies in the world from the early 1960s to the latter part of the 1990s. it is the sixth largest exporter and tenth largest importer in the world, underlying the fact that the country is heavily dependent on international trade. It is also the fifth largest producer of nuclear power as it accounts for 45 percent of its electricity. It is also becoming an exporter of nuclear reactors. Average income is at $36,32 per year, with a compulsory deduction of only 12.3 percent. Disposable income has increased steadily over the past year, rising by $1,341.

8. Norway – $31,101 per year
Norway runs a capitalist welfare state. It is rich in resources like oil, hydropower, fish, forests and minerals. It also has a free and efficient public health care system. The government owns a significant stake in most of the country’s key sectors. It also boasts of a low unemployment rate and high productivity by its workers. The average annual gross income stands at $43,990. There is a compulsory deduction equivalent to 29.3 percent however. The disposable income level represents an increase of $913 from the figures of the previous year.

7. Canada – $32,662 per year

6. United Kingdom – $33,513 per year

5. Australia – $34,952 per year

4. Switzerland – $35,471 per year

3. Luxembourg – $37,997 per year

 2. Ireland – $41,170 per year

1. United States – $42,050 per year


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