21 Historical pictures From Kings Of Iran Palaces

Iran is a ancient & civilized country and sun of civilization.Silk civilization is one of the richest civilizations in Iran ( In the prehistoric) Elamite was one of the most thriving Iran's ancient civilizations before the arrival of Aryans to Iran .here at this post I'm going to show you parts of this ancient civilization.
Iran had a great kings throughout history with the great palaces.

-Ardeshir Babak palace, 1800 years ago made in the third century by Ardeshir Babak ,The founder of Sassanid dynasty.
-Sun Palace, In Nader Shah Afshar period that mixed with Iranian & Indian architecture
-Hadish Palace, In Darius and Khashayar Shah period
-Sasan or Sarvestan Palace, Oldest brick dome in Iran that built during Bahramgur Sasani in -Fars. The palace was the 300 acres at the time of its glory.
-Saffi Abad Palace , In North of Iran in Behshar-Mazanderan that renovated during the Reza Shah and is not open for public visits
-Morvarid (Shams) Palace, It was designed by one of the most famous architects in the world ,Frank Lloyd Wright during Pahlavi . This palace is not in good situation.

1- Ardeshir Babak palace  


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