27 Pictures From Celebrities With Their Pets

2- Ellen with Wolf and Mabel

3- Danny Trejo with Cash and Penny Lane

4- Jessica Biel and Tina

5- Amanda Seyfried and Finn

6- Kaley Cuoco with Norman and Shirley

7- Ricky Gervais and Ollie

8- Josh Duhamel with Zoe and Meatloaf

9- Kellan Lutz with Kola and Kevin

10- Paul Wesley and Cat

11-  Selena Gomez and Baylor

12- Charlize Theron and Tucker

13- Hilary Swank and Karoo and Rumi

14- Jake Gyllenhaal and Boo Radley and Atticus

16-  Rachel Bilson and Thurman Murman

17- Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

18- Jane Lynch and Olivia and Francis

19- Jon Hamm and Cora

20- Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield and Ren

21- Kristen Bell and Lola and Mr. Shakes

22- Orlando Bloom and Sidi

23- Simon Cowell and Squiddly and Diddly

24- Anne Hathaway and Kenobi

25- George Clooney and Einstein

26-  Sandra Bullock and Poppy and Ruby

27- Jennifer Aniston and Dolly and Sophie


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