21 picture From Iranian Famous Actress Leila Hatami In Different Time

Leila Hatami is an Iranian actress and director. She is the daughter of director Ali Hatami and actress Zari Khoshkam, and is married to actor Ali Mosaffa. After finishing high school, she moved to Lausanne, Switzerland and started her studies in Mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). After two years she changed her major to French literature. She completed her study of French in a couple of years, before moving back to Iran. Beside her native Persian language she is fluent in French, English and German. After a pause of a few years which included the continuation of her studies in Switzerland she made her professional entry into cinema with Dariush Mehrjui's film Leila. Her acting in this film received rave reviews from critics and audiences.
She married her co-star in Leila (Ali Mosaffa) in 1999. They have two children: a son named Mani (born February 2007) and a daughter named Asal (born October 2008).

1- Leila Hatami with her children 

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