Rare Photo Of Iranian Famous Singer ,Hayedeh And Vigen

Hayedeh , also transcribed as Haideh or Haydeh, born Ma'soumeh Dadehbala , April 10, 1942 – January 20, 1990) was a popular singer of Persian classical and pop music with a contralto vocal range. She was active for more than two decades and is considered as one of the most popular singers of 20th-century Persia. Hayedeh was born in Tehran as Ma'soumeh Dadehbala, the elder sister of singer Mahasti, also born in Tehran. Her professional career began in 1968 as a singer on a Persian traditional music Tehran Radio program called "Golhaa-yeh Rangarang" (Colorful Flowers) directed by Davoud Pirnia. Hayedeh studied Avaz (Persian vocal music) with the Persian violinist and composer Ali Tajvidi. "Azadeh" which was composed by Ali Tajvidi, and was written by Rahi Moayeri, was Hayedeh's first official hit. It was first performed in 1968 on Radio Tehran with the Gol-ha Orchestra.
Vigen or Viguen, born Vigen Derderian  November 23, 1929 - October 26, 2003), known as "King of Iranian pop" and the "Sultan of Jazz", was an Iranian pop music singer and actor, well known throughout the Near East. Vigen sang both in Persian and Armenian.

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