30 Pictures From Lovely Persian Actress, Forouzan

Forouzan was an Iranian actress, producer, and dubbing artist.
She started her cinematic career as a voice-over actress. In 1964 she starred in Siamak Yasemi's Sāhele Entezār, but it was Ganje Qārun, another film by Yasemi, that made her very famous. She co-starred in this film with Fardin. After Ganj-e Qarun Fardin and Forouzan made a golden cinematic couple and co-starred in some of the highest-grossing films of the era, known as Persian Films or Film Farsi (in Persian: Filme Fārsi). Persian Film was the popular genre of movies produced in Iran before the Iranian revolution of 1979.
Forouzan (also spelled Foroozan) was born on 9 August 1937 in Bandar-e Anzali, Iran. She started her career by dubbing films. Her first movie was Sahel-e Entezar. She acted in many popular Iranian films and also worked with visionary directors of the Mowj-e Now, such as Dariush Mehrjui (Dayere-ye Mina) and Ali Hatami (Baba Shamal).

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