30 Pictures From Prince William And princess kate Midelton In Unofficial Moments

Catherine Middleclass-Windsor, otherwise known as Kate Middling, Kate 'I Am So Bloody Lucky I Bagged a Willy', Duchess of Cambridge wife of a balding prince, and heiress to the Middleton pipe tobacco fortune, has been judged the most beautiful woman in the world by the Daily Mail. Everywhere she goes, 'Katie' is cheered and asked to show 'more leg and arse' by the photographers, keen to capture her regal-in-waiting rear. When Kate's Grandmother-in-law finally dies and gets stuffed for the Windsor Tomb and her father-in-law Prince Charles is barred from the throne on the grounds of his all round lunacy, then England[1] will have a new Queen.
On 22nd July 2013, Kate gave birth to a baby son, Jesus Christ, who, it transpired, was not just the future King of England, but King of the Jews as well.

1- Kate Midelton with William


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