17 Photos Of Iranian People Who Working In White House

Ferial Govashiri is an Iranian-American politician[1] who has served as the personal aide to United States President Barack Obama since 2014. Govashiri serves as President Obama's personal aide at the White House. She worked on then Senator Barack Obama's campaign, beginning in the summer of 2007 in his Chicago headquarters in the department of Scheduling and Advance. Ms. Govashiri went on to work in the White House after the election. She is an active member of the Iranian American Women Foundation and has spoken at conferences on their behalf. For the first five years of the Obama Administration, Ms. Govashiri worked on the National Security Council (NSC), first as a Senior Advisor to Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Advisor and then as the Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff and the Director of Visits at the NSC. She helped plan the President's foreign trips as well as foreign leaders visits to the White House. She is fluent in English and Persian.

1. Ferial Govashiri


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