21 Pictures From Iranian Famouse Popular Singer Leila Forouhar With Her Wife Esmail Nabi

Leila Forouhar is a popular Iranian pop singer. She was also an actress before the She relocated to Paris after the Iranian Revolution and then to Los Angeles in 1988.
Leila is the daughter of the late Iranian actor Jahangir Forouhar, who had already established a solid background in the Iranian entertainment industry by the early 1970s. She speaks of the great influence her father had upon her interviews. She followed her father's career path into movies, beginning with minor roles in various movies that were based mainly on the social issues of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi[citation needed]. In time she became known as a child star, and with the release of Soltaneh Ghalbhaa (King of Hearts), her fame had already spread far abroad. As a teenager, she began modeling for top fashion magazines alongside acting, with roles in Ezteraab, Three Sisters and The Thirsty Ones. Leila has more than 47 films.

1- Leila and Esmail


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