33 Pictures From Nicolas Sarkozy Wife, Carla Bruni Italian-French singer-songwriter and former model

Nicolas Sarkozy is a Frenchman of mixed national and ethnic ancestry. He is the son of Pál István Ernő Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa (Hungarian: nagybócsai Sárközy Pál , in some sources Nagy-Bócsay Sárközy Pál István Ernő),a Hungarian aristocrat, and Andrée Jeanne "Dadu" Mallah (b. Paris, 12 October 1925), who is of Greek Jewish and French Catholic origin.[3][4] They were married at Saint-François-de-Sales, Paris XVII, on 8 February 1950 and divorced in 1959. Pál Sárközy was born on 5 May 1928 in Budapest into a family belonging to the lesser[6] Hungarian nobility. His paternal ancestor was elevated to the untitled nobility of Hungary on 10 September 1628 for his role in fighting the armies of the Ottoman Empire. The family possessed 285 hectares (700 acres) of land (reduced from an estate of 400–800 ha (990–1,980 acres) in the 18th century), and a small castle in the village of Alattyán, near Szolnok, 92 km (57 mi) east of Budapest.

1- Nice body 


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