20 Pictures From The Great Cyrus, Ya'qūb ibn al-Layth al-Saffār And Khomeini Tomb In Iran

The Tomb of Cyrus is the monument of Cyrus the Great approximately 1 km southwest of the palaces of Pasargadae, According to Greek sources, it dates back to 559-29 B.C. The most extensive description based on a lost account by Aristobulus, who had accompanied Alexander the Great on his eastern campaign in the late 4th century B.C., is to be found in the Anabasis of Arrian (6.29). written in the 2nd century A.D.
Ya'qūb ibn al-Layth al-Saffār or Ya'qūb-i Layth-i Saffārī born Rādmān pūr-i Māhak (Persian: ) (October 25, 840 – June 5, 879), a Persian coppersmith, was the founder of the Saffarid dynasty of Sistan, with its capital at Zaranj (a city now in south-western Afghanistan). He ruled territories that are now in Iran and Afghanistan, as well as portions of western Pakistan and a small part of Iraq. He was succeeded by his brother, Amr ibn al-Layth.

1- Yaqub Layth Saffari


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